Gas detector Crowcon XgardIQ

Gas detector Crowcon XgardIQ

XgardIQ, intelligent fixed gas detector, increases the safety of workers in hazardous areas.
Available equipped with a variety of sensors for detecting explosive, toxic and asphyxiating gases.

(SIL-2) Safety Integrity Level 2 certified gas detector.

Simple and safe to use

  • OLED display – Bright, clear display indicates gas level and detector status
  • Easy calibration – Zero and calibration functions are performed via the display and keypad, without the need for a hot work permit or any special tools (e.g., no magnetic bar required)
  • +Ve Safety Indicator – Confirms that the detector is working properly
  • Event log feature – Stores all alarm, fault and maintenance events to provide a history of detector usage
  • Remote sensor – Improves placement of the measurement
  • Various installation options – can be wall mounted, mounted on a 50 mm (2 inch) pipe or using a selection of mounting accessories
  • Industry standard 4-20mA output – compatible with virtually any control system
  • Options for HART communication and RS-485 Modbus

Easy maintenance

  • Hot-Swap Sensor Modules – Sensors can be easily replaced with one hand without the need for tools or a hot work permit
  • Auto-Sense Feature – Automatically detects whether the controller is a 4-20mA sink or source and sets itself appropriately, eliminating the risk of being incorrectly set
  • Smart Sensor – Detects when a sensor module is connected and uploads selected gas type, range, device and alarm levels


  • Smart Bump Test Features – Enables sensor health and response to be verified quickly and easily using test gas. The process is automated and provides a reminder when it is time to test the sensor
  • Calibration Due Warning – Reminds the user when calibration is due to ensure that the sensors are always operational and working as they should
  • Sensor range selection – The user can set the sensor's full-scale range via the display menu.

Product sheet
XgardIQ Data sheet


Oxygen O2, Explosive gases, Toxic gases


4-20 mA, ATEX, Digital, Electrochemical, HART, IR, Catalytic, Relays, RS485, SIL2


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