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A gas alarm is cheap life insurance. Delayed maintenance, irregular calibration intervals and lack of knowledge/safety procedures are common causes of gas-related accidents in workplaces. With regular service, calibration and training from us, you increase the safety of the employees and your property.

Many process controls also require some peripheral equipment such as gas coolers, filters and heated sampling lines to function correctly. Our service technicians and designers have the necessary experience and can help with everything from service and calibration to the design and manufacture of new analysis systems.

Serviceteknikerna – Vi arbetar med flesta fabrikat och våra tekniker har gedigen kunskap och har genomgått
utbildning hos våra leverantörer för att utföra kvalificerad service.

At your disposal we have:

  • Large service organization based out of three regional offices in Sweden (Gothenburg, Kristianstad and Stockholm)
  • Long experience in the industry and high competence
  • Affordable and convenient service contracts with predictable maintenance costs every year
  • Personal service technician who knows your business best
  • Certificate of completed service work with 6 months warranty
  • Handling training on all our products for your staff
  • Telephone support that answers questions about handling, service and calibration of all gas alarms

Calibration certificate

After the service is completed, you will receive a calibration certificate that the instrument/system works as it should. The certificate contains information such as batch number of calibration gas bottle, measurement value before and after calibration and set alarm levels.

Calibration gases

We only use certified calibration gases with maximum traceability to national standards and are analyzed according to ISO 6143.

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