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Since 2011, we at ppm Industrial AB have registered and saved all documentation on the instruments we have had in service with us. This means that we are now launching our system for individual history, follow-up and control of gas alarms, gas detectors both portable and permanently mounted. This means for you as an instrument owner that you get detailed support to ensure that you have a reliable instrument.

The system is called IIC – Individual Instrument Control ® and is based on all the information we have registered for the instrument, from when it was delivered as new and all subsequent service as well as the calibrations carried out with us.

We help you as an instrument owner by automatically reminding you via e-mail when your instrument should be serviced or calibrated. The interval between reminders can vary depending on how the instrument is used, your wishes, type of instrument and which gases it should measure.

At ppm, all instruments that go out to the end customer are always checked and calibrated, regardless of whether they are brand new or older and have been serviced. Each calibration comes with an associated certificate that is a guarantor of
the instrument's condition at the time. Since many instruments are often a safety device, we always treat each instrument as an individual.

You are always connected to and can benefit from IIC – Individual Instrument Control ® as our end customer at ppm. This means that we always have the following documented on the instruments:

  • Current user (instrument owner)
  • Current technician at ppm who performed the measure
  • The instrument's type, configuration and individual number
  • Instrument location (permanently mounted)
  • Valid calibration certificate
  • Previous calibration certificate
  • Traceable calibration gas
  • Date of performed calibrations
  • Date of other service actions performed on the instrument
  • Which consumables and spare parts have been replaced
  • Update of alarm limits
  • Other individual settings
  • Other notes on condition and user profile

We are happy to advise you on optimal use of instruments while maintaining reliability. We base this on the information we have in IIC – Individual Instrument Control ®. If the instrument is exposed to demanding environments, the preventive measures should be adapted accordingly. We recommend the Swedish Work Environment Agency's current guidelines regarding alarm limits. It is your and your colleagues' safety that we care about.

PPM Industrial AB - we help you to have control and your instruments to be reliable!

Click on the pdf file below to download the information sheet.

IIC – Swedish

IIC – English

IIC Individual Instrument Control
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