Multigas detector Industrial Scientific Ventis MX4

Multigas detector Industrial Scientific Ventis MX4

Multi-gas detector Industrial Scientific Ventis MX4 is a robust gas detector that can be equipped with a pump and sensors for up to four different gases.
It has a large illuminated LCD display which, among other things, shows measured values ​​and gas type. Alarm indication occurs with a powerful (95 dB) siren, intense flashing light and vibration. Ventis also alarms when the hygienic limit values ​​for toxic gases are exceeded.
The instrument is compatible with iNet™ (monitoring of the instrument's status via the Internet) and DS2™ docking station for automatic calibration and V-Cal docking station for functional testing, calibration and transfer of logged data to computer.
Ventis without pump is supplied with charger for 230 volts, belt clip, calibration hood and hose for manual calibration.
Ventis with pump is supplied with charger for 230 volts, approximately 3 meters of sampling hose and hose for manual calibration.

Sensor type and measurement range:
Combustible gas: 0 – 100% LEL (resolution 1%LEL)
Oxygen: 0 – 30 vol% O2 (resolution 0.1 vol%)

Choose up to two of the sensor types below:
Hydrogen sulphide: 0 – 500 ppm H2S (resolution 0.1 ppm)
Carbon monoxide: 0 – 1000 ppm CO (resolution 1 ppm)
Nitrogen dioxide: 0-150 ppm NO2 (resolution 0.1 ppm)
Sulfur dioxide: 0-150 ppm SO2 (resolution 0.1 ppm)

Color: black/orange
Pump: yes/no
Battery type for instruments without pump: Dry battery / Lithium-ion / Lithium-ion with increased capacity
Battery type for instruments with pump: Dry battery / Li-ion with increased capacity

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Oxygen O2, Explosive gases, Carbon monoxide CO, Nitrogen dioxide NO2, Sulfur dioxide SO2, Hydrogen sulphide H2S


103 x 68 x 30 mm (with pump 172 x 67 x 66)


182 grams (with pump 380 grams)


ATEX II 2G EEx iad I/II C T4

Operating time

Without pump: Lithium-ion 12 hours, Lithium-ion with extended capacity 20 hours, Dry battery 8 hours

Charging time

Lithium-ion 3 – 5 hours, Lithium-ion with extended capacity 5 – 7 hours

Working temperature

-20°C to +50°C


66 och 67

Data storage

Storage of measured values ​​takes place every ten seconds, the memory capacity is enough for approximately three months of measured values. The 24 most recent alarm events and the 30 most recent error messages are also stored.


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