Multigas detector GMI PS 500

Portable multigas detector

Portable multi-gas detector with powerful built-in pump that can handle sampling with 30 meters of probe hose, data logging function and rechargeable NiMH battery. The instrument can simultaneously measure up to five different gases: oxygen, combustible gases, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine etc. The pump can easily be switched off for diffusion measurement.

Illuminated LCD display with continuous measured value presentation. Alarm indication with powerful (95dBA) siren and intense, highly visible flashing light. Alarm for STEL and TWA (applies to toxic gases).
PS500 is delivered with optional battery including charger, data logging, and 3m tygon hose with hose connection, manual on CD, belt clip, and calibration certificate with configuration report.


Multigas detector GMI PS 500

Note only the basic unit for multi-gas detectors, measuring cells are equipped according to specification.

Dimensions / Weight: 140 x 85 x 45 mm / 395 g
Protection enclosure: IP 65/54
Classifications: ATEX II 2 G EEx iad IIC T3, MED (Wheelmark) – EC Type Approval Certificate, EN61779 (flame), EN50104 (oxygen) and EN545544 (toxic)
Logging: timed 24 hours clocked logs 1 log per minute, session minimum 180 logs, calibration minimum 8 calibration logs

Operating time

NiMH: minimum 12 hours without pump

With 3 R6 dry batteries: minimum 12 hours without pump


  • 0–100%LEL Methane, Propane, Butane, Pentane and Hydrogen
  • 0–100%LEL unfiltered cell
  • 0-100%LEL filtered against H2 and CH4
  • Oxygen 0–25 vol%
  • 0-100 ppm H2S
  • 0–1000 ppm CO
  • comb. H2S / CO
  • 0–30 ppm SO2
  • 0–100 ppm SO2
  • 0–10 ppm Cl2
  • 0–20 ppm NO2
  • 0–100 ppm NH3
  • 0–300 ppm NO
  • 0–5 vol% CO2
  • 0-100 or 0-1000ppm VOC
  • 0–100 ppm PH3
  • 0–20 ppm C6H6 Benzene
Characteristics ATEX, Display, Electrochemical, IR, Catalytic, MED, Pump
Gases Oxygen O2, Explosive gases, Toxic gases, Ammonia NH3, Benzene C6H6, Butane C4H10, Phosphine PH3, Chlorine Cl2, Carbon dioxide CO2, Carbon monoxide CO, Nitrogen dioxide NO2, Nitrogen monoxide NO, Methane CH4, Pentane C5H10, Propane C3H8, Sulfur dioxide SO2, Hydrogen sulfide H2S , VOC volatile organic compounds, Hydrogen H2

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