Marine Gas Detection Kit

The Marine Gas Detection Kit comes in a waterproof case complete with instruments and accessories for easy transport and storage.

Marine Gas Detection Kit

Equipped with:

• RIKEN RX-517, %LEL, %VOL, O2, H2S
• RIKEN GX-2009, % LEL, O2, H2S, CO
• Gas Tester II, Pump for Reagent Tubes
• Reagent Tubes
• Sampling Tubes
• Calibration Adapters
• Gas Regulators
• Calibration Gases
• Spare Parts Filters
• Toolkit
• Logbook and Manuals

Dual sets of instruments for backup!

Product sheet
Product sheet

ATEX, Elektrokemisk, IR, Katalytisk, MED, Pump


Butan C4H10, Explosiva gaser, Kolmonoxid CO, Oxygen O2, Svavelväte H2S, Toxiska gaser


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