ION Science Tiger XT Select

The Tiger XT Select portable PID gas detector displays real-time data and ensures that the final reading represents the full value of current benzene gas. Benzene gas concentrations are displayed down to parts per billion (ppb) levels, giving you accurate, reliable data you can trust.

The Ion Science Tiger XT Select can also be used in "standard Tiger mode" without the use of a benzene prefilter tube to provide active indications of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including benzene, at concentrations as low as 1 ppb benzene equivalent.

This gas detector has a thermoplastic outer surface, this rubber material is semi-conductive which makes the Tiger XT Select intrinsically safe.

Typical areas of use

• Confined spaces
• Facility maintenance
• Marine downstream monitoring
• Hazardous material response
• TAC detection at loading dock and barge operations


•Operating time: 24 hours continuous operation (Rechargeable battery)
•Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
•Humidity: 0–99% RH
•Dimensions: 465 x 89 x 61 mm (HxWxD) / tp box 420 x 320 x 97 (5.5 kg)
•Weight: 0.75 kg
•Enclosure: IP65, CE 1180 EMC tested: EN61326-1:2006, EN50270:2006 & CFR 47:2008 Class A
•Data logging: 120,000 events
•Linearity: ± 5% display reading + one digit
•Accuracy: ± 10% display reading + one digit Benzene

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Bensen C6H6


ATEX, Display, PID


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