Gas detector Industrial Scientific Tango TX1

Gas detector Industrial Scientific Tango TX1

Gas detector the Tango has a 3-year instrument warranty and 3-year operating time, even if it is used around the clock. Tango has two sensors, which increases user safety, regardless of function test frequency, while reducing total operating costs. The sound level of the Alarm can be increased to 110 dB with a sound amplifier front. Tango has a robust design and is designed and approved to withstand repeated falls from a height of one meter. The instrument has a practical alligator clip and as an option there is a belt clip for e.g. helmet mounting.



Product sheet

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Carbon monoxide CO, Nitrogen dioxide NO2, Sulfur dioxide SO2, Hydrogen sulphide H2S

Battery life

3 years

Measuring principle

2 electrochemical measuring cells, double cell technology


3 years (not battery, cells and filters)

IP rating


Alarm levels

2 adjustable as well as TWA and STEL

Alarm indication

Sound (100 dB), 3 LEDs (2 red, 1 blue) and vibration

Data logging

3 months every 10 seconds, as well as the last 60 alarms

Operating temperature

-20°C to +50°C

ATEX classification

Ex ia I Ma /Ex ia IIC T4 Ga/Equipment group and category IM1&II 1G


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