ExTox - sampling unit

ExTox – (AS-1, AS-1 Biogas) or 2 (AS-2) sampling unit

Aspiration system for one (AS-1) or two (AS-2) measured gases: sampling of measured gas in a wall-mounted steel cabinet 500x500x300mm. Continuous sampling and measurement.
Version AS-1 Biogas (Especially suitable for biogas applications, e.g. CH4, CO2 and O2 measurement; not for H2S): Including flame protection and automatic condensate separator with peristaltic pump.



  • Number: 1 (AS-1, AS-1 Biogas) or 2 (AS-2)
  • Type selectable 4-20mA (not included in delivery)

Gas central

  • External, not included in the delivery.

Gas sampling

  • Gas pump
  • Electrical flow monitoring using pressure difference measurement: in case of under-scale of the minimum flow, error indication is issued by interrupting the output signal of the transmitter (4...20 mA)
  • 2 connections (4/6 mm) for inlet and outlet of measured gas in bottom of the housing
  • 1 connection (4/6 mm) for condensate outlet at the bottom of the cabinet (only AS-1 Biogas)

Conditioning of measured gas

  • Condensate trap with peristaltic pump 340 ml/h (only AS-1 Biogas)
  • Flame protection Ex IIG IIB3 in the gas inlet (only AS-1 Biogas)


  • PE/PP

Operating conditions

Distance for hose: When using hose 4/6 mm (inner/outer Ø: 4/6 mm)

  • Standard: ≤ 50 m
  • High-performance gas suction pump (optional): ≥ 100 m

Operating temperature

  • -10 °C till +40 °C
  • Additional limitations due to sensors must be taken into account
  • In general, an outdoor installation is not recommended, as measurement accuracy and service life are generally negatively affected. However, if necessary, contact ppm Industrial to design a suitable type

Pressure at suction point (relative ambient pressure)

  • Standard: up to ±50 hPa
  • High-performance gas suction pump (optional): up to ± 100 hPa

Product sheet
ExTox – (AS-1, AS-1 Biogas) or 2 (AS-2) sampling unit - Data sheet


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