Biogasanalys AwiECO/FLEX

Awite AwiECO- AwiFLEX

It is often necessary to monitor gas concentrations in processes or in inaccessible areas. Typical applications are, for example, silo and tank monitoring, measurement of digester gas or biogas plants. Inline measurement within these processes is often impossible due to unfavorable application conditions. Sampling of process gas and external measurement is required instead. With Awite's Awi series, Awite offers efficient solutions for these measurement tasks. This series combines all necessary components in a compact wall-mounted stainless steel cabinet – from sampling and preparation of measured gas, sensor technology and evaluation.
High flexibility in the adaptation to the respective application conditions. The modular design and the use of the approved sensor technology and control units ensure a cost-effective purchase and maintenance.



Product sheet
AwiECO - Data sheet
AwiFLEX - Data sheet
AwiFLOW - Data sheet


Oxygen O2, Carbon dioxide CO2, Carbon monoxide CO, Methane CH4, Hydrogen sulphide H2S, Hydrogen H2


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